The RAL Quality Mark (Gütezeichen) of GSK

From material testing and process parameters to coating tests, everything in the production process is monitored and logged in specified and comprehensive self-testing. Furthermore, there are annual unannounced external inspections by a testing institute. All testing is carried out according to the GSK’s current Quality and Inspection Regulations and Implementation Regulations.

All tests confirm the high quality standards of epoxy powder coating. The compulsory external inspections must be undertaken by recognised and neutral institutes. The unannounced spot checks are carried out by independent testing institutes appointed by the GSK’s Executive Committee.

These are currently the Hannover-based Material Testing Institute for Materials and Manufacturing Engineering (MPA) and the Research Institute for Precious Metals and Metal Chemistry (fem) based in Schwäbisch Gmünd. The test reports of the MPA and the fem certify that the requirements are adhered to.  

Assurance with the RAL Quality Mark (Gütezeichen) of GSK

If a manufacturer fulfils the strenuous requirements of RAL Quality Assurance RAL-GZ 662 in accordance with the testing of the Quality Committee, the same Committee will then direct the Executive Committee to award the RAL Quality Mark (Gütezeichen) of GSK for a set period.
The RAL Quality Mark (Gütezeichen) of GSK provides greater assurance for all those who think ahead.

The RAL-GZ 662 Quality Mark (Gütezeichen) RAL-GZ 662 guarantees a tested, flawless standard of coating, thus ensuring a future-proof solution for drinking water, waste water and gas mains.

This Quality Mark RAL-GZ 662 is only awarded to manufacturers who satisfy the strenuous requirements of the GSK Quality and Inspection Regulations’ extensive quality assurance.

This guarantees a tested, flawless, and high-quality standard of coating, ensuring a future-proof solution for drinking water, waste water and gas mains.

RAL Quality Mark (Gütezeichen) of GSK
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