RAL German Institute for Quality Assurance and Certification

RAL German Institute for Quality Assurance and Certification ensures the independence of RAL Quality Marks (Gütezeichen).

With its Guidelines for Quality Marks (Gütezeichen), GSK is able to update its Quality and Inspection Regulations and Implementation Regulations in line with the latest developments in science and technology. This enables GSK to receive RAL approval, with RAL’S use of the required independent professional and sector experts.


The strenuous requirements of RAL Quality Assurance RAL-GZ-662 are standardised in the Quality and Inspection Regulations, Implementation Regulations and Quality Mark (Gütezeichen) Statutes. Should a company verifiably fulfil all of these, the GSK Executive Committee will, at the suggestion of the GSK Quality Committee, award the company the RAL Quality Mark (Gütezeichen) for a fixed period. The company’s admission is then listed on the internet.

RAL Quality Mark (Gütezeichen) of GSK
on video

A short video by GSK about its RAL Quality Mark



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