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Environmental technology

Ecological requirements and obligations regarding the environment are constantly increasing at the international level. The technology of modern epoxy powder coating helps in designing mains supply networks of drinking water, waste water and gas in eco-friendly ways, in identifying the relevant embedding materials and in minimising the energy needed for production.

The technology of epoxy powder coating requires far less energy than other corrosion protection procedures, as the components only need to be warmed to 200°C in a single process. To this end, automated work processes are geared towards fast cycles and optimal use of materials, releasing no solvents in the process.

A product with an epoxy powder coated surface fulfils strenuous requirements:

  • Extremely longlasting
  • Economically attractive due to efficient use of materials and conservation of resources
  • Usable even for sensitive drinking water mains

The process of integral powder coating is currently so well developed that even the strenuous requirements of drinking water and gas mains supply are easily met.

Advantages of GSK products quality assured in accordance with RAL-GZ 662:

  • Long-life durability
  • Regular external inspections and testing by an independent testing institute appointed by GSK
  • Compulsory internal quality control
  • GSK products assist in safeguarding drinking water standards
  • GSK products enable safe disposal of waste water
  • GSK products aid the security of gas supply

Highly eco-friendly

Epoxy powder technology uses far less energy than other procedures for corrosion protection and incrustation. This is because the components only need to be heated to around 200°C in a single work process.

Automatable work processes, especially those involving fluidised bed coating, are geared towards fast cycles and optimal consumption of materials, with material utilisation as high as 99%. No environmentally harmful solvents are released.


RAL Quality Mark (Gütezeichen) of GSK
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