Membership of GSK Quality Assurance Association (Gütegemeinschaft)

GSK members undertake to label only those products and services whose quality is assured with the RAL Quality Mark (Gütezeichen) of GSK. Regular internal and external quality control checks in accordance with the Quality and Inspection Regulations and Implementation Regulations, and the corresponding verification by the GSK Quality Committee, safeguard the monitoring of Holders of the Quality Marks (Gütezeichen). The Quality and Inspection Regulations are continually updated in line with state-of-the-art science and technology, a process in which members cooperate.

GSK membership also involves representing the interests of the GSK Quality Assurance Association (Gütegemeinschaft) in dealings with the community and general public, e.g. public authorities, associations and organisations.

RAL Quality Mark (Gütezeichen) of GSK
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A short video by GSK about its RAL Quality Mark



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